Diana Casthart is Full-time @ Mother

Dominicans call me tígerasa because I’ve done a lot of things for cash. From wrangling pre-k schoolchildren, managing warehouses full of exclusive merch for crazy Bon Jovi, UFC, and NIN fans, to taking Charlie Sheen's sports bets at an offshore gambling site. Now, I get paid to sell copy for things like hemorrhoid cream, booze, rat poison, bread, and sugary drinks.

So you could say I work hard for the money . If you're looking to fill a weird-shaped hole in your agency's heart, hire me and I’ll work hard for you too.

#obsessed with true crime, drag, pokémon & yo-kai, and inappropriate [everything] jokes.

#obsessed w/ true crime, pokémon/yo-kai, drag queens, and inappropriate [everything] jokes