Diana Casthart is Available @Somewhere

Anchor baby born in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. My fellow Dominicans call me tígerasa cause I've done a lot of things for cash. Like:

* Taught pre-K and 5th grade ESL

* Managed warehouses with exclusive merch for Madonna, UFC, NIN, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, The Killers, and Criss Angel fans

* Created betting lines and took Charlie Sheen's personal sports bets at an offshore gambling site

But now, I get paid to craft copy for things like hemorrhoid cream, booze, rat poison, bread, and sugary drinks. So yea, you could say  I work hard for the money .

Feel like your agency has a weird-shaped hole that needs filling? Hire me and I’ll work hard for you too.

#obsessed w/ true crime, pokémon/yo-kai, drag queens, and inappropriate [everything] jokes